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Safety Issues

If the scratch on your windshield is less than 2 inches in length, on the passenger side, and less than 4 inches from the side, then it’s possible to have the glass scratch repaired professionally, but under any other circumstances it’s vital that you get the windscreen replaced as soon as possible.

By ignoring a scratch or crack on your windscreen you risk both your own life and the life of any loved ones in the car if the worst should happen. Cars are designed so that in the event of an accident, the key sections of the car body surrounding the passengers take the force of the impact around the passengers, so the passengers themselves aren’t injured. When the windshield is scratched sufficiently for the structural integrity to be comprised, then upon impact the windshield will shatter, compromising the structural integrity of the entire frame of the car, and causing the frame to bend in unintended directions, potentially crushing the passengers.

Getting your windshield repaired or replaced is a simple procedure that will save you time, money and possibly even your life.

Essential Windshield Maintenance Tips

If you spot any cracks, scratches or chips on your windshield, then you should immediately take action and give us a phone so we can avert a potential costly disaster, and deal with your windshield chip the same day by driving out to your location and fixing it on the spot. Even the smallest of auto glass cracks can turn into a full-blown windshield crack that requires a full replacement, which although it will still be covered by your insurance policy if you have fully comprehensive coverage, it’s going to be additional hassle that you won’t have if you deal with the problem while it’s a tiny windshield chip.

When shutting your vehicle doors, take care not to slam them hard, as this can cause damage to your windshield and side panels, especially if you have an existing crack, then it’s essential you be extremely gentle when closing your car doors. You don’t need to slam car doors, just a gentle, but firm push is enough to close them without any windshield damage.

If you can, avoid parking where there’s strong, direct sunlight, as sunlight will reduce the life of your windshield and can reduce the tint on your auto glass too. If possible you should park in the shade to extend the life of your windshield and auto glass.

Always stick with specialist auto glass cleaning products. Car glass is very different to regular glass, so products made for regular windows can be too strong for your windshield. Since your car is also in an enclosed area, using ammonia based window cleaners can be hazardous to the health of the passengers and driver when inside the car. Warm water with a microfiber cloth is the best solution in the absence of proper auto glass window cleaning solution.

Your windshield wipers are a crucial component of keeping your windshield in top condition for as long as possible. Make sure your wipers are clean at all times. If sand and dirt get under your wipers they can damage your windshield when the wipers are in use. A cheap and easy way to clean your windshield wipers if you don’t have a windshield wiper cleaner is with the use of white vinegar. Simply coat a cloth in white vinegar and wipe your windshield wipers up and down. Not only will this clean the windshield wipers, but it’ll prevent them from smearing your window with grease and grime when they’re in use.

When you’re cleaning the inside of your vehicle, save the windows until the end. Spray from the dashboard cleaner can get on the windows while you’re cleaning the dashboard and other parts inside the car, so by cleaning the inside of the windows last, you’ll make sure you clean off any spray that inadvertently got on the windows.

Make sure you clean the edges of the windows, including the top of the window and the rubber seal that’s exposed when the windows are rolled down. This area is often neglected and keeping this part clean helps to keep your windows operating properly.

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